Monday, 7 December 2009

Nearly Christmas!

How time flies when you're having fun... now it's nearly Christmas and nearly two months since I last posted, I am a bad blogger. For me I've been relatively cheery, Christmas has that effect on me.

My vine yoke cardigan from the wonderful Twist Collective continues apace, well apace for me anyhow. I've just started the left front, when I say started, I've done one row, but that counts in my book. I'm still worried that it won't fit or will be too short or won't suit me or will look silly, but even if they're all the case I've learnt a lot about knitting while working on it. Short row shaping now makes some sort of sense and it's made me look at garments again from a new angle, as anything knitted from side to side would I suppose.

I'm also doing some fun Christmassy socks in appropriately coloured yarn, though I have also fallen in love with this little effort from Drops.

Next job I suppose is to decorate a bit for Christmas, I keep running out of energy. I have about four times as many things I want to do, then some more I need to do, than I have energy for, such is life. I'm just hoping I don't feel too flat after Christmas. Anyhow, I should be getting my 40 (or 50) winks, so hopefully be back here soon, toodle pip!

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