Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday


Having heard from another mother for whom I made some of these bootees that they were the only thing that would say on her son's feet I thought I'd better make some others for another friend who is expecting. They are Stay on Baby Bootees by Knitgirl's Mother, in a mystery cream 4ply I found in my stash. They're not a bad knit either, I'd recommend them. The pattern is now in the pattern comments on ravelry, for those looking for it.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


For a change not the ubiquitous paint shade, but its alleged inspiration. We are blessed with a beautiful magnolia tree in our front garden, which gives our entire street much joy every spring. This year looks like being a particularly good year as the tree has had time to recover from last year's prune. I love the way the intensity of the pink gives way to a delicate flush of colour up the petals.
A glimpse of my dad's prized spring planting. People stop in the street to look at our tree and the flowers, I feel so pleased for him.
Goodness spring is wonderful, those fleeting realisations and familiar reassurances that winter will not last forever.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WIP Wednesday

Not a terribly exciting new work in progress this week, just further progress on the green scarf, it's starting to look like a scarf, rather than just a small rectangle of knitting.

Spring is also progressing and I've just taken some pictures of our magnolia tree, so I'll put some up later.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some white elephants

I am not usually the sort of person who finds fantastic things hidden away in unlikely places, but this past week has been different. Firstly in a charity shop I found the most gorgeous single ball of soft, light and fluffy angora blend yarn. It is enough for a small pair of fingerless mitts for me I think, probably something based on the Toast mitts, but adapted for the weight of yarn.
In the same shop I also found a tiny ball of vintage Emu wool yarn in the most eye catching shade of blue, ideal for toy making or something similar. However, I found more than yarn, I came away with two vintage patterns, one for a men's cardigan, the other a baby layette, in bri-nylon (suffice it to say, if I knit it, it will not be in bri-nylon!) and a novel I've been wanting to read for a while, Invitation to the Waltz, by Rosamond Lehmann. I recently read her novel Dusty Answer, which is a fabulous novel, so I'm looking forward to reading this new one.
Lastly in a separate trip out I found this piece of fabric lurking in the remnants' bin of my local department store's somewhat down at heel haberdashery department (which I only tend to visit if I am desperate for something). I simply had to have it: those elephants are so sweet! Though the only snag is that I have no clear idea what I am going to do with it, but at that price it doesn't matter too much for now. Ideas welcomed.
Back to my knitting now, going on with the lace scarf in the Jungle colours, done nine repeats of the main lace pattern so far and I am very much enjoying it, lace is so soothing, requiring that bit more concentration than normal. I find it particularly good for stress since it is so immersive, making you live in the moment with the stitches and the yarn flowing through your fingers.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIP Wednesday

Getting my post in early this week, in case I get muddled about what day it is when I wake up in the morning.

I'm loving knitting this, it's the yarn, from Abstract Cat, I showed you a week or two ago, but it's found a new purpose in life, it wasn't happy in my original choice of pattern (which would be a paid for pattern) but seems to be settling into Kernel from nicely. I'm thoroughly enjoying the lace knitting experience, that need for a degree of concentration and focus always helps me, especially if my mood has been rather unsettled (as of late). Only another fifty odd inches to go. I'll let you know how I get on.

Friday, 2 March 2012

It's spring!!!

I seem to have missed WIP Wednesday yesterday due to confusion over which day of the week it was, never mind. Instead we shall have spring related photos, this time of year always has me reaching for the camera, it's just so wonderful to see flowers in the garden again after months of drabness.

In less than a week the trees in the street have gone from this... this foamy mass of flowers.
Meanwhile my dad's hard work in the front garden has paid off magnificently.

And in the back garden the wildlife is feeling spring in the air too. The frogs have re-emerged into the pond as though from nowhere, but they are very wary, I only got this photo by opening the back door incredibly quietly, sneaking out onto the back step and using the zoom to its fullest extent.
Meanwhile I was lucky enough to get a shot of one of the robins who lives in the garden, who had come to see what I was up to, our birds get most affronted if we go into their garden! Even if it's just to provide them with clean water and fresh seed. I do love robins, they've got such character.

I hope you are enjoying spring where you are.