Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Watching from the side lines

Like most of the country and no doubt plenty of others around the world I've been watching the latest political developments with tremendous interest, although a twinge of sadness and regret. In a previous life I worked in politics, for more than two years, first part time then full time and I loved it, although I did decided by the end of it that being an MP wasn't for me.

However, since then I've become too ill to work full stop, let alone in a high pressure, fast moving environment like politics. Prior to the past few days I was largely ok with this, I didn't pay any particular attention to politics, just skimmed along the surface. Now I'm feeling it badly, the "if only"s have been taunting me so strongly today, especially the knowledge of where former colleagues are working and that it could have been me, I could have been there at the heart of it, rather than sitting at home watching, in between naps.

It has brought back that I still have a lot to mourn and that I need to stop living in the past. The past is far more attractive than the present and possibly the future. I am trying to remember that God is in control and that He knows our future and our lives, my life, is in His hands, that He knows His plans for me. I am trying to remember where to put my hopes and that there are more important things than politics. Still it is hard.

My only other observation is that hearing constant talk of a "referendum on AV" has been somewhat confusing at times, leaving me wondering why we would need a referendum on the KJV Bible...


  1. Hey gorgeous girl,

    Oooh how I feel your pain. I do know God is in control and I guess I hope that in some way part of his plan for your life includes those passions of yours that you have, such as politics... but whatever happens, I do hope he is able to bring a sense of peace into your life about it. It really is hard and awful and I don't think people understand until they no longer have the capacity to do all the things they once did... I DO feel your pain. Praying. Love you.

    Love Telly xo

  2. Hey Tel, lovely to hear from you (((((enormous hug)))))