Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WIP Wednesday

Log Cabin Dish cloth from Purlbee, using Rico Creative Cotton

Please excuse the bad photo, it's dark so much at this time of year and I'm rarely organised enough to get photos during daylight. This is my first time using the log cabin technique and I can see why people get so hooked, I'd recommend the pattern too, makes it very clear and is a good size to practice on and use up oddments of yarn. Hopefully I will have sufficient to knit another using the colours in a different order.

In other news: the weather has been unseasonably warm here lately, I've known Augusts when it's been similar temperatures! But I was mighty surprised this afternoon to step outside the front door and see a bumble bee working its way around the flowers on the hebe hedge. I do hope it survives and does not get killed off if the weather gets cold again. We very much like our bumble bees here and do everything we can in our garden to encourage them, including allowing clover to colonise the lawn because they like it and growing plenty of flowering plants for as much of the year as we can.

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