Thursday, 14 June 2012

WIP Wednesday (only a tiny bit late)


Thelonious sock by Cookie.a in Elle sock yarn, which is sadly discontinued, I'm sorry about this as it is a lovely yarn to knit with, has a good stitch definition and a lovely spring to it.  This pattern does require concentration, though I have now got the essential idea of the pattern and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.  Sometimes it is good to do something that requires focus; it is almost a tutorial in living in the moment.

Since I have unfortunately been experiencing a lot of anxiety, with periodic panic attacks, lately so having something outside myself and worrying and anxiety is wonderful.  In addition to the usual relaxations of feeling the yarn flowing through your fingers and material forming on the needles and the miracle of turning yarn into fabric and creativity in general.

While we're on the subject I found this post from blogger, designer and knitter Karie interesting and liberating on the subject of creativity.

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