Thursday, 22 November 2012

Titchy snowman

I sincerely hope that this is as close as I come to a snowman this winter, but he's awfully sweet.  He's from Mochimochiland's tiny collection, brilliant patterns and well written and clear to understand, I'd recommend them.  Knitted in Sandnes Garn mini duett (bought at Scandinavian Knitting Design) with a thread of Drops Glitter alongside, his scarf is rather big for him, I forgot that it was supposed to be 4ply, but at least he won't get cold?


The penny is in the picture for size reference, not because he has holes in his pockets as one of my Ravelry friends suggested!  I think I'm firmly in Christmas mode already, but if you knit presents and decorations I suppose you need to get organised early.


  1. oh, he's lovely!

  2. He'd delightful. Must have been fiddly to do!

  3. Very sweet - I find doing such small-scale things a bit too much for my head and fingers, and I really admire people who can! I am not allowed to play Christmas music until December 1st - by my teenage daughter, who loves Christmas so much she's afraid she will love it less if it goes on for too long. I have to respect that, but have been making Christmas things and organising cards and presents for some time now, so I myself can actually enjoy it all.

  4. Thank you Annie and Christine - he wasn't too fiddly as he was in the round mostly. Christine my dad used to ban my sister and I from singing Christmas carols until November as we'd sing them all year round otherwise! I'm very into Christmas, I see what you daughter means, this year I'm trying to be prepared with presents knitted etc. so I can enjoy the season when it arrives. Hope she is doing ok, I pray for her