Monday, 7 January 2013

52 Weeks of happy - an attempt - week 1

This morning I came across Little Tin Bird's post about Little Birdie's idea of having a weekly post through this year called 52 Weeks of Happy.  The idea is that once a week you post four things that have made you happy that week.  As someone who can be somewhat happiness challenged this seems like an excellent idea and should serve the twin purpose of making me blog more regularly and more importantly examine the things that make me happy and hopefully see the happy things in my life and not let them get drowned out.

Both the bloggers previously mentioned seem to be posting a photograph for each happy thing, I can't be sure I can keep that up, so I will endeavour to have some photographs at least.

So here goes, Week 1, in by a whisker:

1. Sparkly socks - sparkly Monkey socks, edging towards completion, glittering with every stitch!

2. A stack of reading material - thanks to the Oxfam online shop's sale.  I have started with The Vicarage Children by Lorna Hill and it is an utter delight.
(Sorry for the rubbish phone photo)

3. A plethora of brilliant radio, over the past couple of days I have enjoyed The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope, The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico and on a slightly different note My MS and Me by Jim Sweeney.  The latter I have just discovered is available from his website, which is brilliant because there are so many people I want to tell about it.  If you have any kind of disability or want to understand what life can be like having a disability or you are just a human being, have a listen.

4. Various bulbs in the garden starting to show shoots already, mainly due to the mild weather I suspect, but giving promise of spring and good things to come.


  1. What an excellent idea! Your four happy things have made me happy too. I'd be curious to hear more about those books, I don't know Lorna Hill or Clare Mallory. And sparkly socks! What more could a person want?

    I think writing down things you're grateful for is a lot more powerful than it seems.

  2. Lovely idea. I have to say the beautiful blue sky and the mild day here in Cambridge certainly made me happy today :)

  3. Christine they're published by Girls Gone By which is the best place to find out about them

    Myrtle - clear blue skies are wonderful, I feast my eyes on them they've been so rare here lately!

    Thank you both :)

  4. What a great idea - counting one's blessings is a great way to get some perspective.