Thursday, 28 February 2013

Red Nose Day Dolls

There has been an extremely exciting project doing the rounds in blogland lately, the Red Nose Day Dolls, being made to auction on ebay for Red Nose Day.  Not only do Maisie, Mac, Blossom and Poppy have outfits, they also have blankets, teddies, books, pets, jewellery, picnic baskets, bags, capes and of course red noses.  They truly are the toys of every child's dreams.

The project was thought up by Emma Mitchell of Silver Pebble and Ros Badger and has now grown to include bloggers from all over the globe.  It's a fantastic fundraiser but it's also a great celebration of the hand made and of craft in general.
There is more information on the Red Nose Day Dolls' blog or on facebook and you can sponsor the project here

P.S. also check out this sweet video of Mac going camping:


  1. Isn't it just the best fundraising project ever?! :)

  2. It is jus making everyone smile in a cold grey time, I think. I am very excited because I get to meet them this weekend! Woohoo!

  3. Annie I completely agree and Dottycookie I could not be much more jealous!!! They are wonderful and I love having the pictures come up in my facebook feed