Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Progress Report

It is now two weeks and a day since I cast on Dad's Fair Isle jumper, having swatched over the weekend and the body of the jumper is now 12 inches long.  I am in the middle of the last "OXO" repeat of the sequence and will start again from the beginning, but with the "OXO"s differently aligned next.


The jumper is somewhat all consuming and has kept me occupied for most of my knitting time and I am enjoying the rhythm of the knitting and the absorption it requires so as not to make a mistake.  It is mindful knitting, which keeps me focussed and in the present.  Meanwhile, the geometric nature of these old patterns cleverly breaks down complicated effects into variations on simple themes of, for example, three stitches of one colour, followed by one of another across one row and the opposite across another.


Without wishing to sound overly self-satisfied I must confess that I am thrilled at how well the colours have come out, I never dreamt they would work so well first time and thought I would have go through a tedious process of changing colours and making several orders to get it right.  It is a real boost to have it go so well.  Anyhow, there is plenty more to do on it so I had better get going again before my Dad notices - I would knit it my every waking hour if he had his way!


  1. It is looking great! I am currently in a fair Isle phase myself. You are so right about it being mindful knitting.

  2. Wow it's looking incredible, so neat and not a mistake to be seen! Your dad is going to love this treasured gift xox Penny

  3. I love it !
    Also in a fair isle phase...but havent had the gumption to try anything as complicated as this.
    Looks great and I cant wait to see it finished

  4. That is just stunningly beautiful!

  5. Thank you everyone :-) I really appreciate it