Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I write this sitting, not in the kitchen sink, but on a tiny patio overlooking a fast flowing millstream in the Sussex village of Bosham.  Two ducks have just come by and tried to beg for food, two electric blue dragonflies are dancing over the water, sparrows are cheeping in the bushes on the other side of the stream and a breeze is taking the edge off the strength of the sunshine.  It is a beautiful spot and right now would be perfect if it were not for the machinery someone is using nearby.  Bosham sits at the top of an inlet which forms part of Chichester Harbour, itself a part of a large region of harbours stretching along the south coast with a long history of trading, industry and links with Europe and beyond.  Today it is a picturesque small village rather dominated by sailing and yachting types.

We have been enjoying the wildlife, as well as that previously mentioned there are a phenomenal number of blackbirds living in the village, I have never seen so many in a small area, this leads to lots of beautiful evening singing as they establish and defend their territories.  The birdsong is amazing, with wrens holding their own as usual.  We have even seen and heard a nightingale.

Yesterday we went to Chichester to explore, it has retained its Roman town plan so you get a real idea of the size of the military forts and fortified cities the Romans built, even the bend in the road north-south to stop the wind whistling through the city has been retained.  The city is full of gorgeous Georgian buildings, some of which combine traditional Georgian architecture with the local tradition of flint in the walls.

I have put most of my pictures into an album on flickr, I cannot currently work out how to put them in here on this tablet!  So here are the pictures


  1. That looks so peaceful and beautiful! A lot of bird life obvious in the photos, and it must be great to hear all the songbirds. I'm really glad you're having a good holiday. Enjoy yourself!