Friday, 12 September 2014


My swatch

For a while now I have had a box of double knitting weight super-wash pure wool sitting in my room waiting to become a blanket, I had tried doing granny squares but got bored, especially of constant colour matching decisions.  So instead I am trying my hand at the ripple pattern from Attic 24's blog and I can see why so many people have made blankets like this, it is great fun!  My other projects are now suffering as I hook my way up and down the stripes.  As you have to look at what you are doing more with crochet than knitting (in my experience anyway) it makes for a relaxing and immersive experience.  I would recommend it.  Five stripes done, only 80-something to go, hopefully I will feel as enthusiastic by row 70 or 80!

The real thing


  1. hey foggy, im a fan of the ripple. this is what made me learn to crochet at the beginning of last year. first I stared to learn to crochet, (thought that might me a good idea!), then made a ripple cowl and finally the ripple blanket, half way through as I run out of wool, I used Debbie bliss, cant remember the blend of the top of my head. hopefully will purchase the rest of the wool at the end of the year. so lovely and soft.

    good luck with the blanket, the ripples are so soothing and peaceful. x

  2. Hello, it is very soothing isn't it and a lovely effect. I'm using a whole range of DK superwash wools collected up gradually over time to spread the cost. I want to make a ripple scarf too. Looking forward to seeing whatt else you've been making x