Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tonight we shall start with a little rant or moan, call it what you will. I am sick of healthy, able bodied, independent, if not overly wealthy, people moaning that they are bored, have nothing to do and can't think of what to do. If I were healthy and able bodied, even if I had no money, and I had an empty day, I would have so, so many things I would do. Go to the park, visit the library and learn something new, bake a cake, try out a new recipe and cook a lovely dinner, learn a new skill, go running, go for a long walk to see where I find on the way, call up a friend, write a letter or email to someone I haven't been in touch with lately, write, draw, create... so many ideas. But the difference for me is that I can't physically do it. Right now if I do pretty much any more than resting all day I'm so completely wiped and feel so appallingly awful. This isn't supposed to be a pity party. But I think having a zillion and one things you want to be doing, but can't physically do gives you a new perspective on boredom.

In the meantime I will do my best to cultivate patience with my fellow man, let's just say I'm a slow learner. Although according to an advert for a mobile phone I saw this evening, "impatience is a virtue". This slogan, along with the hedonistic lifestyle the advert advocated, made me think about the lies and false values that predominate in our society. In the Bible patience is highly commended - look at figures such as Joseph, Abraham and Job all men of faith and great patience, prepared to trust God against all the odds. Patience is also described as one of the "fruits of the Spirit" (Galations 5.22-3). I pray that as Christians we can stand out against this society and show that there is another way, show hedonism for the empty destruction that it is. I pray that we can show an attractive, positive alternative to our empty society, show Jesus' love. All too often I'm aware of how well adapted I am to this world, not to stand out, my instinct is always not to ruffle feathers or cause waves, sometimes this is a good thing - there is no point being outwardly and deliberately provocative and offensive in a negative manner. But I do want my life and my values to be very deliberately different and distinctive. I want to bring that aroma of Christ (see 2 Corinthians c. chapter 5) to those around me, to shine with His light, love like He does. Then maybe little by little you and I and Christ can change the world?

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