Friday, 30 July 2010


This sunflower grew up by itself, probably from a seed in the bird seed feeder and is just on the cusp of flowering. It's amazing watching it slowly unfurl and form.

Other than that nothing too dramatic to report. Lots of knitting, bits and pieces of crochet, some interesting reading including New Grub Street by George Gissing, which is a fascinating portrait of Victorian London life and the first emergence of the mass media and modern age.

I do wish it would stop being so grey and make up its mind, either get the rain over with or go away and let us have some sunshine!


  1. wonderful picture, i can remember driving past fields in southern france, late august, sunflowers, upon sunflowers covering the landscape. usually there would be one taller than the rest poking its head out. x

  2. Thank you, I was really pleased with how the picture came out and I'm looking forward to watching it flower over the next few days.

    I love fields full of sunflowers too. If I ever get my own garden I think I shall try growing lots and lots of them... not just the odd isolated plant.

    How are you doing? Beautiful pony you met the other week. x

  3. feeling sick at present, im sure it will pass. how are you?

  4. ((((hugs)))) I'm tired... and trying not to be down, take care x