Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A granny a day

Helps develop my crochet skills, makes use of bits and pieces from my yarn stash and helps people in Australia who have lost everything in the recent natural disasters: full of win all round. The crochet squares are for crochet designer Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow project and I urge you if you can to join in with this fun and helpful initiative. Even if you cannot yet crochet it is not that hard to learn (if I can learn you can too!), very relaxing and useful, a great way to play with colour, as much of Sarah London's work shows.

I have pledged myself to make one square a day this month as my charity project for the month. As my stamina for crochet still runs out fairly fast - I've done comparatively little of it and it uses different movements to my usual knitting - I am sticking to the one a day to save doing myself an injury, already it's getting easier to do. To avoid having to sew in hundreds of ends when changing colours I am using Lucy from Attic 24's handy tutorial on crocheting the ends in as you go, which I highly recommend, it's not at all difficult.

So far my squares look rather Christmassy in colour, tomorrow I think I'll dig out some more colours and go for a bit more variety. Get crocheting and bring some more colour into the world!


  1. lovely reason to crochet. i tried recently with instructions from you tube, but couldnt get my foggy head around it, also im left handed. x

  2. It's taken me an incredibly long time to get the hang of it and a couple of lessons from my wonderful friend Franney, who is a natural born craft teacher. It seems to require you to think in a different way to knitting somehow. x

  3. Oh that is a great idea!

    I havent mastered crochet yet...I intended to try it properly after knitting some fingerless mittens (my first proper knitting project) but then I got side tracked by socks and baby cardigans and toys...(I'm knitting toys and baby items for a wonderful charity that I love)

    Maybe tomorrow I'll pull out my hooks and try again!