Friday, 2 March 2012

It's spring!!!

I seem to have missed WIP Wednesday yesterday due to confusion over which day of the week it was, never mind. Instead we shall have spring related photos, this time of year always has me reaching for the camera, it's just so wonderful to see flowers in the garden again after months of drabness.

In less than a week the trees in the street have gone from this... this foamy mass of flowers.
Meanwhile my dad's hard work in the front garden has paid off magnificently.

And in the back garden the wildlife is feeling spring in the air too. The frogs have re-emerged into the pond as though from nowhere, but they are very wary, I only got this photo by opening the back door incredibly quietly, sneaking out onto the back step and using the zoom to its fullest extent.
Meanwhile I was lucky enough to get a shot of one of the robins who lives in the garden, who had come to see what I was up to, our birds get most affronted if we go into their garden! Even if it's just to provide them with clean water and fresh seed. I do love robins, they've got such character.

I hope you are enjoying spring where you are.


  1. Love your pictures of spring!

  2. Spring is sprung, the grass is ris' - etc. Love these photos, especially the little bit of blossom and the robin!