Saturday, 27 October 2012

St Mungo's Simple Hat - free pattern

I made the prototype of this hat for St Mungo's Woolly Hat day and having wrestled with the crown decreases for a considerable period of time thought that the pattern might be worth sharing.  At some point I intend trying out a larger size for those of us (myself included) who do not fit in the "one size fits all" sizing favoured by high street shops.


St Mungo's Simple Hat
125m/137yd heavy sportweight or light double-knit yarn.  I used King Cole Mirage
4mm 40cm circular needle, 4mm double pointed needles, or your favoured method for knitting in the round

24sts/4 inches

To fit medium adult head, c.20 inches

C/O 100sts and join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches.

Knit for 4 inches in K2 P2 rib (or less if you do not wish to have a turn up in the brim)

Then change to stockingette stitch (knit every stitch) for 5 inches.  If you wish to have a slouchier beanie make this section longer, but bear in mind that it will require more yarn.

Crown decreases: (when the stitches become too few for the circular needle transfer stitches to the double pointed needles)
*K8 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K7 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K6 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K5 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K4 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K3 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K2 K2tog* around
Knit 1 round
*K1 K2tog* around
*K2tog* around

Cut yarn, thread it through the stitches remaining on the needle, pull tight and fasten off.


  1. Hello there! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog recently. You have a lovely blog. I like the background of Japanese anemones. And how interesting to read about what St. Mungo's is doing. Your pattern looks really good. It's hard to think how people manage being homeless, especially in the winter in a place like Aberdeen. Take care of yourself - I love your name "foggy knitter". :-) Do you read Tina's blog (used to be the Quiet Home, now Tea and Woolly Socks)? I think you might like it too.

  2. Thank you Christine and Annie

    Christine - I read Tina's blog at times - like the chickens!

  3. Hi,
    I am anxious to start this. My husband has a kid on his bus with a big head, so I needed to find a pattern for an adult to fit him. I usually do knit hats that are smaller. Thank you so much for sharing. Love in Christ,

  4. I am a little confused on the pattern. When you say stockinette stitch, do you mean knit every round, or knit a round and purl a round? I thought stockinette was knit and purl, but I am new to knitting.

    1. This is such an old question but in case anyone sees it and still wants an answer. Stockinette is knit one row, purl the next row if you are knitting rows, but when knitting in the round, it is knit every row.

  5. to: gfer
    When knitting in the round you just keep knitting and you get stockinette. There's no actual end to a row where you turn back to purl back to the beginning. If you are using straight needles then yes, knit a row, purl a row gives you stockinette. But on round needles, you join the beginning to the end in the very first row so you just keep going around and around. You'll get the idea once you get started!
    Foggy Knitter - I love this pattern - it is just what I've been looking for! Thank you!! (I live in New Mexico - fun to get a pattern from 1/2 way around the world.)

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