Tuesday, 9 October 2012

St Mungo's Woolly Hat Day

St Mungo's, a London homeless charity, are having a big fund-raising day on 26th October 2012 and they're looking for people to knit orange woolly hats for them to use to highlight the problem of homelessness and then to sell to raise funds.  They're hoping to collect 5,678 hats, one for each of the people who slept on the streets of London in the last year, a 43% increase on 2010/11.

I'm getting involved because I remember seeing homeless people on the streets as a child and how sad it made me feel, that early experience has meant that homelessness has always been a cause close to my heart. Anyhow the point of this post is to say: get knitting!  Join in!  There are free patterns on St Mungo's website and on ravelry.  Have fun knitting and make the world a better place while you do it!


My first hat

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