Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Underground socks


Finally I have something finished to show off.  These are plain "vanilla" socks in brilliant yarn from an etsy shop, called Trailing Clouds, not currently trading alas see below, dyed in the colours of the London Underground lines.  I love their bright cheeriness and the dyeing is amazing.  It must take a lot of work to get all those different stripes into the yarn and to create such neat transitions from one stripe to the next, neater than many commercially produced yarns manage.  I do hope the dyer will start work again soon, her yarn is incredible.  The base is British Blue Faced Leicester (with some nylon for strength), which makes it even better.


Bright yellow socks next I think.

Stop Press: Since posting I have found out that the yarn dyer is now selling at and that she has a blog at Trailing Clouds of Gloria where she pre-releases pictures of the colours she is selling.  I will be watching out for updates (despite the fact that I do not need more sock yarn - if I keep telling myself that the truth of it might sink in sometime).


  1. Ooooh those are lovely. I was hoping to get some of that yarn. I'm sorry to hear she's not trading at the moment.

  2. She's just moved shops! Instead of Etsy, she now trades on BigCartel: For updates, see her blog at

  3. Thanks Lisa, I've just discovered that from a friend on ravelry and was going to update my post. Why she hasn't put a notice on etsy to say so, or an ad on ravelry or a post or something... I've been trying to find out more information!

  4. Oh wow, what a fantastic yarn find, and such a great idea. The stripes work brilliantly.

  5. This is so beautiful. I love the stripes and the fact that it all came from one skein!

  6. Hello Stephanie! I've had a little chance to do some catching up on blogs. Your Mind the Gap socks are splendid!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate them (as does the Dafter).

    Take care, Christine x