Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Blankets in July

July is not the most usual month to make good progress on blankets, but this has not been the most usual July.  There have been days when being under my ripple blanket has been lovely.  Having started it last September I have now reached the half way stage, so I am not the world's fastest crocheter.  Though I am getting better, I can crochet for longer without my arm and hand hurting now which is an improvement.  I cannot wait until it is finished and I suspect neither can Willow, she has been sitting on it whenever she gets a chance and she joined me for the half way through photos.



But not content with one blanket I am making a start on a second blanket, this time in Drops Paris cotton, bought in the Drops cotton sale (ends on Friday!), using the Hexagon pattern from Attic 24.  I have gone all out brightly coloured for this one so may need sunglasses to look at it when it is finished.  Again I am prepared for this to be a long term project, but when it is I should have summer and winter blankets for my bed.  Of course, now I have blankets on the brain there are plenty more I would like to make like Vivid from TinCanKnits and a giant multi-coloured granny square blanket for the sofa.  Think I'm going to be busy for a while yet!




  1. I made a ripple blanket last winter and there is something very comforting about crocheting the rows. I love the colours you've chosen for yours. The bonus of making a blanket is when you reach the optimum cosiness stage of being able to snuggle under it whildt you're working on it!

  2. Those are fantastic! It has been such a cold summer, hasn't it? I've never made a ripple blanket but the granny stitch baby blanket I made recently was so enjoyable that I think I could easily develop an addiction to blanket-making. My yarn leftovers of many years have now reached proportions that some kind of patch-work blanket-making is probably the way to use them up. Re. Vivid, I'm curious to learn, if you make it and have time and energy to post about it, the best way to sew the squares together. I made a patchwork blanket for a friend and crocheted the squares together, but was never completely happy with the finishing...