Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brain fog and knitting

Brain fog and knitting, as can easily be surmised, do not mix particularly well. Today I have started a project twice and have now reached an impasse of indecision whilst unable to work out what it is a) that I have done b) that I should have done and c) that I should do now. It's so insanely frustrating!!! It results in hours' worth of work coming to nothing and makes the day feel futile.

I know I should be resting more, but the truth is it is insanely boring.

In other news I am wondering what a moustache party is. My sister has got a 2.1 in her degree so I am very pleased for her and very proud of her. I am deeply confused by the weather, which apparently cannot make up its mind between bright sunshine and torrential rain. It makes getting dressed very difficult, especially when my body feels all the wrong temperature - whatever is happening my toes are usually icy cold for example, even if the rest of me is sweltering. From the tone of this post generally I suppose it is clear that I am fairly fed up with ME, fibro and all other associated illnesses, syndromes and random symptoms no one has thought to give a name to! I'm also fed up of my brain deciding to be depressed for no reason, or going off at a tangent and leaving me behind giggling madly. Being mildly manic might seem fun, but I don't find it so, I may seem happy, but I feel out of control and that is horrible.

In yet more other news I finished A S Byatt's "The Virgin in the Garden" today, a deeply interesting novel, though with a rather unsatisfactory, even peremptory ending, as though she had been forced to conclude before she was truly ready to. The characterisation, sense of place - geographically and in time, place and occasion - and manipulation of a wide cast of characters is masterful. In many novels with a large cast of protagonists I am liable to become deeply confused as to who is who (or should that be who is whom?), but A S Byatt's management of her novel solved this problem. Some of the more "scientific" or "mysterious" passages and chapters of the book were quite hard to get through at times and I do still think that the book could still function very well without the thread of the storyline concerning Marcus Potter and Lucas Simmonds. On the other hand it did resolve from an obsession into madness, although again this was somewhat peremptorially dealt with in the closing chapters of the book. Despite this I would recommend the book and am looking forward to reading its sequels.

Phew, sorry that sounds pretensious reading it back, almost a full blown book review. I do lack anyone much to discuss books with and sometimes it just comes out! I should head for bed now.

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  1. Why not do book reviews?? Seriously! It's cool. I struggle to read right now full stop so its nice to read what you think and just imagine a book even if I'm not up to reading it.

    Love you Steph!!!