Monday, 11 May 2009


Anyone who knows me well will know that I have quite a thing about butterflies, they fascinate me, they're so fragile, so beautiful, so gentle and trusting.

Therefore when I saw a post about this project on ravelry I had to share it here and urge everyone to join in - I'm going to try to be organised enough to. In short, the idea is to create a small butterfly to represent each of the 1.5m children who died in the Holocaust, they can be made of paper, string, paint, crocheted, sewn, knitted. The website linked to above has more details.

However, this project isn't just near to my heart because of being about butterflies, my grandfather and his family were Jewish and although he and his mother escaped the rest of his family died or disappeared, with the exception of a handful of cousins. This strikes me as such a lovely way to remember them, to remember the sorrows of the past in a way that also contains some hope for the future.

Anyone can make things, really, give it a try.

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