Thursday, 7 May 2009


You know what I was saying about moods being fickle things? Well now we're back to fed up and rather down. Just had another utterly useless psychiatrist appointment. They keep saying "psychologists will help", but there's a long waiting list. If the psychologists are the ones who can help, rather than the psychiatrists, why not get rid of some of the psychiatrists to pay for more psychologists?! Or is that just too logical?

I wish they could at least pretend they cared or engage with you at any level; instead of asking disinterested questions and scribbling on bits of paper. It's horrible seeing a doctor who doesn't care less.

Now I've got to fill in the appeal form for benefits, oh joy. I am sick to death of having to justify myself and prove I'm ill. I'm not doing this for fun, if I could work I would be doing my best to be working.

Oh I'm fed up!!! I know I said last night that some good things do happen in my life, but there's an awful lot of rubbish in between!

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