Thursday, 28 May 2009

Where to trust

Baths are wonderful places to talk to God and get things straightened out. I was reading some more of the Eric Gaudion book (see previous posts) about healing and faith and Jesus. About how it isn't how much faith you have (see Jesus and mustard seed, Matthew 13 I think), but where you put it. And it clicked. Yet again I've been trying to put my faith and my trust in people, in friends, to stop me feeling lonely and down. But only Jesus can really solve those problems, properly. Friends are great things, they are gifts from God, but they can't solve problems in the same way that Jesus can.

So I said sorry to God for not trusting Him (again) and for trying to put my trust in people and for getting down and wallowing and for failing again and again. And then I said thank you for understanding and being patient and bearing with me even though I go around in little circles making the same mistakes again and again. And thank you for helping me to understand. And I put the next few days into His care, because me worrying about it can't change anything. And now I feel a lot better, like a weight's been lifted.

Therefore today's lesson is: I am a twit, God is good. I am also a slow learner, God is patient. Thank you God. (Lesson 3, I can't count because I've already listed two there... oops.)

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